Where to get NFTs?

At the Freedom Shop, we offer some products that are exclusive and can only be obtained through NFTs that you own. This is our way of rewarding and showing our appreciation to our loyal customers who have already purchased from our shop.

To get a Supporter NFT, all you need to do is buy an item in our shop and add your Ethereum address in the comment field located above the "Add to cart" button. After your purchase is complete, we will mint the NFT and send it to your Ethereum address. See the picture below. 


Aside from buying from our shop, there are other ways to receive NFTs. Follow our social media channels and attend Swarm events, as we occasionally give out NFTs to our community.

In addition, you can use your NFTs to unlock discounts. Follow our Twitter account for discount announcements, and if you have the relevant NFT, you can use it to get discounts on your purchases in the Freedom Shop. Thank you for supporting the web3 ecosystem, and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience at the Freedom Shop!